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23. David Honors God and His Men

January 19, 2010

Text:    II Samuel 22:1-23:39

Harmony Texts:    Psalm 18; I Chronicles 11:10-41

Outline:      I. David’s Song of Praise      II Samuel 22:1-51

                          II. David’s Words of Wisdom      II Samuel 23:1-7

                         III. David’s Men of Valor      II Samuel 23:8-39


     Chapter 22 is a Psalm/song most likely composed by David early in his life and shortly after his conflict with Saul had ended. It became a favorite of his whenever he was victorious over his enemies. See also my comments on Psalm 18.

     David begins by expressing his view of God as a rock, a fortress, his deliverer, a refuge, a shield, his savior, and a stronghold [hiding place]. This is the God David worships and to whom he offers praise. This is the God to whom he calls for help.

     David reveals his emotions in battle/trouble as death and destruction surrounded him. In the heat of battle, David called on the Lord. And God answered his call for help. God’s anger against David’s enemies [also God’s enemies] was expressed in the natural phenomena of earthquakes, thunder, lightning, darkness, wind, and rain; all which contributed to the defeat of David’s enemies. God chose to rescue David and reward him with victory because David was righteous, sought the Lord, obeyed His Laws, and was the Lord’s delight [evidently written before David’s encounter with Bathsheba].

     God is faithful, blameless [without sin], pure, and loves the humble. With God’s help, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. With God, all things are possible [Matt. 19:26; Phil. 4:13]. God is the One who is perfect, who protects us, and who gives us strength, smoothing over our paths and giving us victory.

     In Chapter 22:38-46 David describes the victories God gave him over his enemies. He was able to crush and destroy them. They bowed at his feet or fled crying for help. David acknowledges GOD as his deliverer, the one who preserved him and his kingdom.

     Therefore, David praises God who is his rock, his God, his Savior, who raised him up over his enemies. David will sing God’s praise among the people because God granted him victory and showed him kindness. David commits to lifting God’s Name up before others.

     The words penned in Chapter 23:1-7 would seem to come at the end of David’s life. They are his words of wisdom, words by which we should all live our lives. God’s Word was central to all David said and did. God was the One who was responsible for the greatness of his kingdom because David desired to rule in righteousness and in the fear of God. God honors those who honor Him [I Sam. 2:30; John 12:26]. Those who refuse to honor God are destroyed.

     In II Samuel 23:8-39 David and/or the chronicler has drawn attention to a total of 37 men who were great warriors and/or leaders of men fighting for Israel. Eight of the 37 men are singled out for special honors of boldness and bravery.


   1. God will answer the cry of His righteous people in their time of greatest need. God does not forsake His children. God is faithful, delighting in the salvation of His people. God goes before us, walks beside us, and protects our backside. Praise be to the Lord God Almighty, the Sovereign One.

   2. True success begins with fearing God and obeying His Word. Only then can one face life’s battles knowing one’s victory and salvation rests in God’s hand of mercy and grace.

   3. We may accomplish much but we must never forget to thank and honor those who helped us and/or made it possible to achieve the results accredited to us. There are two great phrases we should use repeatedly. They are:

I Love You.


I Thank You.


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