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25. David Appoints Solomon as King

January 26, 2010

Text:      I Kings 1:1-2:12

Harmony Texts:      I Chronicles 29:21-28

Outline:            I. Adonijah Wants to be King      I Kings 1:1-10

II. Nathan Advises David      I Kings 1:11-27

III. David Takes Action      I Kings 1:18-53

IV. David Instructs Solomon      I Kings 2:1-12


David is now old and unable to keep warm. His servants’ solution is to find a young woman to take care of him and lie with him to keep him warm. She was a beautiful Shunammite girl named Abishag. She served the king but not as his wife.

Adonijah, David’s son and most probably the eldest at the time, wants to be the next king. He takes similar actions/steps as did his brother Absalom by getting chariots, horses, and 50 men to follow him. David, evidently, did little disciplining of his sons and did little to command their loyalty and respect. Adonijah was also handsome like his brother Absalom and gained the support of Joab [David’s commander] and Abiathar [David’s priest]. Zadok [priest], Benaiah [one of David’s mighty men], Nathan [prophet], and others remained loyal to David. Adonijah also offers sacrifices at En Rogel near Jerusalem [not at Hebron like Absalom] inviting only those loyal to him.

Nathan informs Bathsheba that Adonijah is preparing to be king without David’s knowledge and is concerned for her and Solomon’s safety. Evidently David had indicated to his inner circle that Solomon was to be the next king. Bathsheba follows Nathan’s advice, informs David what Adonijah is doing, and Nathan follows up confirming Bathsheba’s information. They ask David if this was his wish.

David takes immediate action by calling in Bathsheba, Zadok, Benaiah, and Nathan and asks them to take his servants, set Solomon on David’s mule, anoint Solomon king, and announce his appointment as King to the people. David’s instructions are obeyed and carried out so that word reaches Adonijah and his followers as they are ending their celebration. Adonijah and his followers are alarmed. Adonijah holds on to the horns of the altar and asks for mercy from Solomon for his traitorous activity. Solomon grants him mercy as long as he remains loyal.

Before David dies, he instructs Solomon to be strong and follow the Lord God, His Laws, and to make sure his descendants do likewise so Israel will continue to have Godly kings/leaders and prosper. David asks Solomon to deal wisely with Joab for deserting him but to continue showing kindness to Gilead because they helped David defeat Absalom. David also advises Solomon to deal with Shemei, the Benjamite, for his traitorous actions.


1. Loyalty is a rare virtue with man. Loyal friends are a real blessing. Loyalty is assured only by mutual respect and love, valuing one another to the fullest.

2. The greatest responsibility we have as parents is to tell them about God, love them as God loves us, and to discipline them just as God disciplines us. True love involves both instruction and discipline.

3. Open communication with those who lead/oversee us is necessary to prevent and/or resolve problems before then become “larger than life”. Leaders who isolate themselves from their subjects will soon be steering an empty ship. One cannot communicate too much.

4. When trouble arises, take decisive action. Consult the Lord for his Wisdom if He has not been previously consulted. Action steps should always be clear and concise so as to eliminate any room for misinterpretation.

5. When discovered/caught in an act of wrong doing, your best course of action is to seek mercy.

6. David’s advise to Solomon is good for our leaders and each of us. Simply stated, we are to:

• Follow God.

• Obey His Law [Word].

• Teach your children about God.

• Deal harshly with those who do not accept God’s Sovereign Will.

We are blessed when God is our priority and is on the throne of our lives.


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