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28. Solomon Furnishes the Temple

January 26, 2010

Text:      I Kings 7:13-8:21

Harmony Text:      II Chronicles 4:2-5:1

Outline:      I. The Temple Furnishings      I Kings 7:13-51

                          II. The Ark Arrives      I Kings 8:1-9

                         III. The Lord Arrives      I Kings 8:10-21


     See the NIV Study Bible for some excellent renditions of Solomon’s temple furnishings.

     King Solomon brings Huran from Tyre to Jerusalem to do all the work in bronze for the Temple. His first job was to build 2 large pillars for the Temple entrance having decorative capitals on top. Next he builds the “Sea” which takes the place of the laver at the tabernacle. In addition to the “Sea”, 10 identical movable carts with wash basins were constructed along with various shovels and bowls. Solomon has the internal furnishings of the Temple made of gold. The table and altar were probably overlaid with gold but the lamp stands, 10 in all, and basins etc. were likely pure gold. David had also set aside some furnishings in silver and gold for the temple and Solomon brings them into the temple treasury.

     Next Solomon has the Ark brought from the tabernacle to the finished Temple accompanied with a great number of sacrifices, similar to what his father David did in bringing the Ark to Jerusalem.

     When the Ark is placed in the Holy of Holies, the Lord’s cloud fills the Temple such that the priests were unable to perform their duties. Solomon speaks to the Lord welcoming Him to His dwelling place on earth. Then he turns to the people and blesses them saying “Praise be to God” because:

          1. God has fulfilled His promise to David in that his descendants will rule His people.

          2. God chose me, David’s son, to build the Lord’s Temple.

          3. We now have a permanent dwelling place for the Lord God and His Ark reminding us of His covenant with Israel.


   1. God desires our very best, the best of our designs, the best of our talents, the best of our time, and the best of our treasure.

   2. Worship of the Lord announces His coming. Our worship of the Lord is a testimony of God’s presence in our lives.

   3. God’s desire is to dwell with man, fulfilling His promise to be King of our lives.


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