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Song of Songs

February 22, 2010


My only reason for including Song of Songs in this series of Judges to Kings is because it compliments the story of Solomon. In Kings we see Solomon as King. In Ecclesiastes we see Solomon as the Philosopher. And in the Song of Songs we see Solomon as a Lover.

These 8 chapters of love poetry are also called the Song of Solomon in that he is the author. I am, for the first time, relying on an outline from the NIV Bible. The NASB Key Word Bible has a much different division. Since I am not good at interpreting poetry, I am relying on the NIV version completely. In a realistic sense, the Song of Songs tells of love between a man and a woman; Solomon and his wife to be. She is a Shulammite, dark skinned, and very beautiful. One wonders if this woman might be the woman given to Solomon’s father, David, to keep him warm when he was old and near death [II Kings 1:1-4]. Abishag was a Shunammite and very beautiful. Shulammite and Shunammite are close enough to be different spellings for the same place. Adonijah, David’s son who wanted to be king, asked Solomon for his approval to marry Abishag. This caused Solomon to have Adonijah killed because marrying her would give the people reason to believe Adonijah was also King. Perhaps Solomon became jealous too and also desired to marry her, thus solidifying the throne of David for Solomon as intended. This, of course, is speculation but I am not the first person to suggest this scenario. Regardless, there is much love between Solomon and his bride.

According to the NIV divisions of this book, there are three people groups speaking. They are the Lover [Solomon], the Beloved [Solomon’s bride], and Friends or observers. This is a real love story between two individuals but since it is considered the Inspired Word of God it can also be allegorically interpreted as follows:

Lover/Solomon                         as           Christ/Lord                                     as      Christ/Lord

Beloved/Solomon’s Bride      as           The Church                                      or       Individual Believer

Friends                         as           Angels [I Peter 1:12;Heb. 1:14;13:2]      or      Church [Heb. 12:1]

I have chosen to comment on this book in a very general manner assuming Solomon represents Christ, Solomon’s bride represents the Church, and the Friends represent God’s heavenly host. In fact, my outline will use these three terms and repeat them as required.

Finally, I must say that this commentary is weak because poetry and I don’t mix well and therefore, I am guessing. I readily will yield to another view. But right now this is the only sense I have. It is not deep or profound. It just represents the love of the Lord to His people which is shown in the lives of any man and woman who deeply love one another as the Lord intended.


Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 1:1-4

These first four verses express the Church’s love for the Lord. The Lord’s love has been experienced and it is real. Verse 4 expresses the Church’s desire for the Lord’s Second Advent.

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 1:4

The angels also join in the worship and praise to the Lord because He is Love.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 1:5-7

It is right and proper to love and praise the Lord. But worship in and by the Church is different and is not anything like the original chosen people, Israel. The Church serves mankind first, without concern for itself. In addition to serving others, it focuses on being in the “presence of the Lord”.

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 1:8

One of the purposes of angels is to usher us into the presence of the Lord [Matt. 25:31-33; Luke 16:22].

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 1:9-11

The Lord described His Church as a mare in battle. The Church is strong, fast, and fearless. A reward awaits them in His Kingdom.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 1:12-14

The Church and the Lord enjoy each other in intimate fellowship.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 1:15

The Lord expresses His joy for His Church.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 1:16

The Church expresses their joy in the Lord.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 1:17

The Lord tells His Church about the construction of their heavenly home [John 14:1-4; Rev. 21:1-22:6].

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 2:1

The Church’s beauty and desire in life is to be a pleasing fragrance, attracting the attention of man to the Gospel of Jesus Christ [Acts 2:42-47; II Cor. 6:16-18; I Thess. 1:2-10].

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 2:2

The Lord confirms the purpose of His Church [bride] to be a lily [attraction] among the thorns [John 17:15-19].

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 2:3-13

The Church proclaims its’ love for the Lord, acknowledging the Lord’s goodness in providing comfort and food. The Church is given a vision of heaven’s banquet hall and God’s love. Verse 7 seems to indicate that Israel is not yet ready to accept God’s love [dispensational theology]. Verse 8-13 gives a view of the Lord coming for His Bride, the Church, and a call to come. The fig tree, Israel, is beginning to turn to the Lord, bearing fruit. The Lord is gathering His Church and calling her home.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 2:14-15

The Church is in hiding in the mountains awaiting the call from the Lord [Matt. 24:15-22].

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 2:16-3:11

Verse 16 acknowledges the unity and love between the Lord and the Church [See John 15] while awaiting for the Lord to come. The Church is waiting and watching and even searching in anticipation of the Lord’s coming. The Lord is with them in Spirit [3:4] but Israel has yet to believe [vs. 5]. Again verses 6-11 portray the coming of the Lord with His mighty army. Israel is now ready to receive her King [the Lord] who is coming to reign and receive His bride.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 4:1-15

The Lord tells of the beauty of His Bride, the Church. She is veiled, her eyes and teeth shine, her hair flows, her lips are red, and she wears a necklace of 1000 shields. She is beautiful, without flaw. In the meantime the Lord is preparing to receive her, the Church, from the west, north, east, and south. Not only is the bride beautiful, she is loved. The Lord desires to fellowship with the Church intimately.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 4:16

The Church is alive and well, ministering by bringing its fragrance of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness etc to all via the wind [Holy Spirit]. While ministering, the Church is watching patiently for the Lord’s return, coming to receive His bride. The Church is filled with faith, hope, and love.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 5:1

The Lord enters His banquet hall. He is ready to receive His bride, the Church.

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 5:1

The angels call for the wedding feast to begin.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 5:2-8

The Church anxiously waits for their Lord’s return. They are ready but at the last minute the Lord leaves/delays His coming [vs. 6]. The Church is beat up and subjected to persecution [vs. 7] Israel is requested to help them look for the Lord’s return [vs. 8].

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 5:9

The angels are called into action to protect and save the Church who is greatly loved by the Lord and is most beautiful.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 5:10-16

The Church focuses on the majesty and power of the Lord. Their hope is in the Lord. The Church proclaims the Lord’s saving power to Israel.

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 6:1

The angels observe that the Lord has not yet made His appearance and volunteer to help the Church find Him.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 6:2-3

The Church tells the angels that their lover, the Lord, is still making ready to receive his Church in the banquet hall of heaven.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 6:4-9

The Lord again expresses His admiration and love for His bride, the Church. She alone is the blessed one.

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 6:10

The angels see the Lord coming in majesty and as a bright light.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 6:11-12

The Lord goes and inspects the earth to see the new Israel coming to life. While doing so, He desires to be with His Church.

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 6:13

The angels call the Church to come back so they can see it. Perhaps this is a description of the Church wandering away from its Love like Ephesus in Rev. 2:4.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 7:1-9

The Lord’s love for His Church endures forever. The Church is His delight [vs. 6]. He is enamored by her beauty which is described erotically and intimately in these verses.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 7:9-8:4

The Church is committed to fellowship intimately with her Lord. The Church gives itself to her Lord, serving Him. The Church is embraced and protected by the Lord. Verse 4 again draws attention to Israel to await and long for their awakening to love the Lord. Genuine love is an emotion, an action, rising in the heart.

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 8:5

The angels see the union of the Lord and His Church rising from the earth.

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 8:5-9

The Church’s love for her Lord is genuine, is real, is great, is consuming, is rich, and is sealed in their heart.

Friends/Angels:      Song of Songs 8:8-9

The angels see a “young sister” on the horizon. Is this the rising of Israel toward acknowledging Christ as Lord?

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 8:10-12

The Church describes itself as a fortress of truth with a message of peace and a vineyard bringing a blessing of fruit to the Lord.

Lover/Lord:      Song of Songs 8:13

The Lord longs to hear the voices of His angels and His Church singing praise to the Lord God Almighty [Rev. 5:11-12; Ps 148:2].

Beloved/Church:      Song of Songs 8:14

The end of the story is the Church and the Lord in intimate fellowship with one another.


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