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10. King Ahab’s Exploits-Part 2

October 12, 2010

Text:    I Kings 21:1-29

Outline:           I.     Ahab’s Lust                                                I Kings 21:1-7

                              II.   Jezebel’s Scheme                                      I Kings 21:8-16

                             III.  God’s Judgment                                        I Kings 21:17-26

                             IV.  God’s Mercy                                                I Kings 21:27-29


                           Naboth owns a vineyard near Jezreel which Ahab wants as his own.  Ahab offers him a “better” vineyard or money in exchange [the first recorded case of imminent domain].  Naboth refuses because it is land he inherited from when Israel claimed the Promised Land after the Exodus.  Ahab goes home angry and refuses to eat.  He tells his story to Jezebel and she takes control, promising to obtain Naboth’s vineyard.

                 Jezebel writes letters to the nobles [Naboth was also a noble] to proclaim and to set 2 false witnesses on either side of Naboth saying he cursed God and cursed the king so they could have reason to stone Naboth.  This was done and Naboth was stoned so Ahab went and seized the vineyard.

                 Elijah arrives and meets Ahab in Naboth’s vineyard, accuses him of murder, and prophesies he will die in the same place that Naboth died.  Elijah also accuses him of doing evil against the Lord and, therefore, the Lord will remove all his descendents as He did with Jeroboam and Baasha.  Jezebel, Ahab’s wife, will also die in Jezreel.  Dogs and birds will devour their bodies preventing a kingly burial.  The legacy of Ahab is sealed.  It is evil provoked by his idolatrous and vile wife Jezebel.

                 Ahab humbles himself so God delays His punishment of Ahab and Jezebel until his son, Ahaziah rules Israel. 


  1. Failure to listen to and obey God raises God’s wrath resulting in judgment.
  2. God grants us mercy even in the midst of our evil.  But even in His mercy judgment for our sin is sure.  God wants us to repent and follow Him.  We have many opportunities in life to do this but not an infinite number of  opportunities.  God is patient but He does have a limit because He knows our heart.
  3. Lust blinds us from doing what is right.  God never bends His rules.  Check your eyesight to see if it is healthy [see Matt. 5:29;6:22].
  4. Deceit is always disastrous to both the deceived and the deceiver.
  5.  Humility may delay our punishment but it does not change our legacy.

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