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5. Two Kings Succeed Rehoboam of Judah

October 12, 2010

Text:    II Chronicles 13:1-15:14

Harmony Text:            I Kings 15:1-24

Outline:           I.     Abijah Confronts the Idolatry of Israel              II Chronicles 13:1-23

II.    Asa Promotes Worship of the Lord God             II Chronicles 14:1-15:17

III.   Asa Turns to Self-reliance                                       II Chronicles 15:18-16:11


Rehoboam dies and Abijah, his son, succeeds him as king of Judah in the 18th year of Jeroboam, king of Israel.  He ruled only three years.  Abijah warred against Jeroboam and confronted their practice of idolatry, their rebellion against David’s claim to the throne, and his desecration of the Lord’s priests.  Abijah proclaims the Lord is Judah’s God and they have not forsaken Him.  They continue to follow His statutes.  Therefore, Jeroboam will lose this battle with Judah even though Israel’s army is twice the size of Judah’s army.

Jeroboam attacks Judah from the front and the rear.  Judah cries out to the Lord for help, the priests blow their trumpets, and God routed Jeroboam’s army.  Judah slew 500,000 men because they called on God and relied on Him.  The southern cities of Israel were taken captive and Jeroboam lost power and died whereas Abijah gained strength.  Abijah dies and his son Asa succeeds him on the throne of Judah.  Judah now is given peace for 10 years.

Asa was a good king in the Lord’s eyes, removing foreign idols and shrines.  He exhorted Judah to worship and follow the Lord God.  Asa also fortified the cities of Judah, giving them rest from their enemies.  He also built up Judah’s army to 300,000 men.

Zerah, a Cushite [Egypt] marched against Judah and met Asa’s army near Mareshah.  Asa praises God and seeks His help against Zerah.  The Lord obliges and Judah defeats the Cushites and gains much plunder.  They also destroyed all the villages around Gerar [south of Judah] before returning to Jerusalem.  Azariah is filled with the Spirit and exhorts Asa to continue following the Lord.  Forsaking the Lord will cause God to forsake them.  Israel, the northern kingdom, was beginning to turn back to God but the Lord was still continuing to punish them for their sin.  Asa was encouraged by Azariah’s prophetic words to continue his reforms by removing idols and shrines in Judah, Benjamin, and even the towns he controlled in Ephraim.  Asa assembled all the people of Judah,  Benjamin, and those from Israel who had immigrated to Judah so they could worship the Lord, sacrifice to Him and renew their covenant with God.  Those who refused to worship and renew their covenant were put to death.  Their worship ended with praise to the Lord.  Asa even deposed his grandmother as queen mother because she had made an Asherah pole.  Asa had the pole cut down and burned.

Judah has now had peace for 35 years and then Baasha, king of Israel began to protect his borders.  Asa used the Temple articles to make a treaty with Ben-Hadad of Aram for the purpose of breaking up his support of Baasha.  Ben-Hadad accepted and made war with Baasha.  This enabled Asa to remove the fortified materials from Israel’s cities along the border.  Asa is chastised by Hanani for relying on Aram instead of the Lord.  Asa becomes angry, imprisons Hanani, and oppresses many people.  Asa becomes ill but refuses to seek the Lord.  Thus he dies after ruling Judah for 41 years.


  1. Trust in the Lord always and do not forsake His Word.
  2. God is sovereign over all people.  Know God and know peace.
  3. God blesses and protects those who confront idolatry and evil practices.
  4. God uses those who stand for righteousness to confront and defeat those who stand for unrighteousness.
  5. Godly people having a bold faith are valuable assets to the Lord God.  Pray for boldness to proclaim the Lord as the only true God.
  6. The Lord God gives peace to those who are dedicated to removing idolatry.  As Christians, this ought to be one of our top priorities as individuals and as a nation.  It is one thing to practice tolerance but more important is to proclaim the truth of Christianity.
  7. God will bring peace to His people but that does not mean we should abandon the practice of self-defense.  We trust God to protect us always but we also utilize our God-given capabilities.
  8. Listen and adhere to those who know God and are filled with His Spirit.
  9. Renew your own personal covenant with the Lord God often.  Proclaim Him as your God and praise His Name.  Do not forsake worshipping Him and renewing your heart, mind, and soul.
  10. We must always depend on God and not man.  Success makes us proud which tends to make us trust in our own capabilities.  Let us guard our hearts and minds so we are not led astray by success.
  11. Never sacrifice the Lord’s treasure in order to depend on man.  In other words, never take from the Lord what is His and give it to man to satisfy a need.

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