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19. Elisha’s Miraculous Ministry-Part II

October 13, 2010

Text:    II Kings 5:1-27 

Outline:           I.     Naaman’s Illness                                      II Kings 5:1-3

                              II.   Naaman’s Struggle                                   II Kings 5:4-12

                             III. Naaman’s Acceptance                             II Kings 5:13-14

                             IV. Naaman’s Gratitude                                  II Kings 5:15-27 


                Naaman is an army officer for the king of Aram, the enemy of Israel.  He was an honorable man, respected, a good soldier, who believed in God but who also had leprosy.  Naaman had captured a young Israelite girl as his wife’s servant.  She encourages Naaman through his wife to see Elisha.  Naaman goes to the king and receives approval to seek Elisha.  The king of Aram even writes a letter of introduction for the king of Israel, Jehoram.  Naaman takes significant funds, clothes, and goes to king Jehoram.  Naaman presents his letter to Jehoram which asks him to heal Naaman.  Jehoram tears his robe, says he is not God, and accuses the king of Aram of starting a quarrel with Israel. 

                Elisha hears what has happened and sends a message to Jehoram to send Naaman to him, a prophet of the Lord God.  Naaman goes and a messenger for Elisha meets him and tells him to wash himself seven times in the Jordan River and he will be healed.  Naaman leaves in anger because the prophet did not meet with him personally.  He doesn’t believe dipping in the Jordan River seven times will heal him because the rivers in Aram are cleaner than the Jordan River.  Naaman’s servants convince him to do as the prophet suggested even though it is not something special or difficult to do.. Naaman decides to go to the Jordan River, washes in it seven times, and is healed.

                 Naaman returns to Elisha and proclaims Israel’s God is the true God and offers Elisha a gift.  But Elisha refuses to accept any gift.  Then Naaman asks to take some of Israel’s soil back to Aram so he can properly worship the Lord God.  He also asks to be forgiven when he is required to help the king worship a false god.

                  Elisha sends him away in peace.  But Elisha’s servant runs after Naaman, lies about two needy prophets, and asks for money.  Naaman obliges and Elisha’s servant brings the gifts into his own home.  The servant goes to Elisha, is questioned where he has been, and lies again.  Elisha says Naaman’s leprosy is now yours and the servant departed full of leprosy. 

                Leprosy is often used to represent the sin in our lives.  Unchecked, it grows like a cancer and leads to eternal death.  Unlike cancer, the cure is simple; believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  The simplicity of acceptance and faith also is a stumbling block because we think we have to earn it.  But God only asks that we believe, trust, and obey Him.  


  1. God can always use a “bad” situation for doing “good”.  Regardless of where you live or what you do, God will use you to be His Witness, pointing the way to God’s love, mercy, grace, and hope.
  2. Many say they believe in God but true genuine belief is manifested through Faith.
  3. God’s grace is freeAccepting God’s grace is simple; believe and obey.  Obeying God is the most difficult.  God is the One who heals us, removes our sin.  We accept our “healing” by expressing our faith in His Word.
  4. Express your thankfulness for God’s grace and share the Peace of God with others.
  5. Do not tarnish God’s gifts of love, mercy, grace and hope by falsely claiming you were in some way responsible for its’ availability.  It’s our holy privilege to share it with anyone who is seeking the Lord.  Therefore, guard your heart against lust/greed because you shared God’s love to benefit another.
  6. God removes His servants from doing His ministry when they fail to obey His Word.  Be faithful and you will avoid personal embarrassment.


Seek, Accept, Believe, and Obey God.

Receive God’s Blessing, Give Thanks, and Rejoice. 

and then

Go Tell Others!


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