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25. Israel’s Last 5 Kings

October 13, 2010

Text:    II Kings 15:17-38; 17:1-40 

Outline:           I.     Four More Evil Kings                              II Kings 15:17-29

                               II.    Hoshea, the Last King                            II Kings 15:30-31; 17:1-6

                              III.  Israel’s Sinful Legacy                              II Kings 17:7-40 


                This time period is about 750-722 BC when Assyria became a world power and destroyed Israel as Amos had predicted.  Hosea was God’s prophet to Israel during this time exposing Israel’s sin and exhorting them to repent and to accept God’s love and mercy.  But Israel would have nothing to do with their God.  Isaiah was called to prophesy in Judah and I also believe his message was heard in Israel but also ignored by them.  Jothan and Ahaz were the kings of Judah during this time period. 

                Menaham becomes king of Israel during the 39th year of Azariah’s reign in Judah.  He reigned 10 years doing evil in the eyes of the Lord.  Pul, king of Assyria, invaded Israel but Menaham placed a heavy tax on the people and succeeded in bribing Pul to leave. 

                Pekahiah succeeds his father Menaham in the 50th year of Azariah.  He reigned 2 years and was evil, doing nothing to stop Israel’s idolatrous nature. 

                Pekah, one of Pekahiah’s officers, assassinated him and becomes king in the 52nd year of Azariah.  He reigned for 20 years and also continued Israel’s evil ways.  During his reign, Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria invaded Israel and deported the people living in the north and east of Israel to Assyria.

                 Hoshea assassinates Pekah and takes the throne in the 20th year of Jotham, king of Judah, and in the 12th year of Ahaz [co-king of Judah].  He also did evil but was a better king than his predecessors.  Israel is paying tribute to Assyria but Hoshea stops and send envoys to Egypt for support against Assyria.  Assyria’s king learns of this, seizes Hoshea and imprisons him, and proceeds to invade Israel and place it under siege for 3 years.  He captures Samaria and deports Israel to Assyria.

                Israel’s destruction is a direct result of their abandonment of God in favor of idolatry.  They refused to observe and obey God’s Laws.  They preferred to be like the other nations, even sacrificing their children to false gods.  Therefore, God destroyed them as a nation and exiled them to Assyria.  Assyria sent their own people to Israel to resettle it.  Many were killed by lions because they did not worship the Lord nor did they know how.  So Assyria sent back Israel’s priests to teach the people how to worship God.  Thus, the people began to worship God along with false gods.  This is the basis of the Israelites despising the Samaritans in the New Testament.  This same worshipping practice, worshipping God along with false gods, exists even today.  


                God is patient but faithful.  He promises mercy if we repent of our sin and turn to Him in worship.  He promises destruction to all who refuse to follow His Law and worship idols.  This is true of nations and for individuals.  Nations come and go, rise and fall according to His sovereign Will. 

                America is a pluralistic society founded on Christian and Biblical principles.  Our failure to promote and uphold these principles will lead to our downfall as a nation just as it did for Israel.  This is not a Republican or Democratic Party issue.  It is an issue of our hearts, as a nation and as individuals. 

                When we vote, we must support candidates who:

  1. Uphold our Constitution.
  2. Respect and uphold our Rights.
  3. Promote and encourage the worship of the one true Lord God Almighty.
  4. Fight oppression and corruption.
  5. Seek the Lord for guidance and wisdom.
  6. Listen to the people, particularly those who faith is in the Lord.
  7. Do what is right [righteous] and not necessarily what is popular or convenient.
  8. Stand up for truth.
  9. Adhere and respect God’s Laws and God’s Word.
  10. Do not believe it is right to sacrifice our children for the sake of convenience [abortion on demand]. 

                As individual Christians, people who trust and depend on God, we must continually assess our nation’s laws against God’s Laws, making sure they are compatible.  If not, we must stand up and shout No! 

                God hold the keys to America’s future.  We must pray for our country and its’ leaders; that what they say and do is according to God’s Will and God’s Word.


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