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28. Hezekiah, King of Judah-Part II

October 13, 2010

Text:    II Chronicles 32:1-33

Harmony Text:            II Kings 18:17-20:20

Outline:           I.     Assyria Attacks Judah                             II Chronicles 32:1-19

II.    The Lord Defeats Assyria                       II Chronicles 32:20-23

III.   Hezekiah’s Sin and Pride                        II Chronicles 32:24-33


As stated at the beginning of this section on the Divided Kingdom Kings, I am using Chronicles as the main text for the kings of Judah.  This II Kings harmony text offers more details and so does Isaiah in chapters 36-39 which was covered in The Prophets section of this commentary.  Chronicles is more of a summary of this historical time whereas Isaiah and II Kings offer details.  Read all these accounts to get the full flavor of how the Lord delivered Judah from Assyria.

Assyria has conquered and deported Israel and now wants to conquer Judah.  Sennacherib, the Assyrian king, has laid siege to Judah’s fortified cities and to Lachish in particular.  Hezekiah fears for Jerusalem and consults with his officials and military about how they can have water and keep it from their enemy.  They block the spring to keep it inside Jerusalem, repair their walls, and even build another wall.  They also made and stockpiled additional weapons.  Hezekiah gathers the people together, organized them under the military commanders, and encouraged them with his words proclaiming the Lord is stronger than their enemy.  Sennacherib sends his officers to Jerusalem’s wall asking them to surrender or they will die.  After all their gods are greater than any other nation’s gods, including the God of Judah.  They claim Hezekiah is deceiving them by encouraging them to trust in the Lord for deliverance.  They even gave their message in Hebrew hoping to create division among the people inside Jerusalem. See II Kings 18:17-37.

Hezekiah and Isaiah pray to the Lord asking His deliverance from Assyria.  See II Kings 19:1-34.  The Lord hears Hezekiah’s prayer and sends a message through Isaiah that He, God, will defeat Sennacherib’s army.  The Lord kills all the men in Assyria’s camp, sending Sennacherib home in disgrace.  His disgrace is so great that his sons kill him in the temple of their false god.  See II Kings 19:35-37.  For this miraculous victory, the people of Judah and other nations honor Hezekiah with their gifts.

Hezekiah becomes ill and is near death so he prays to the Lord for more days and is rewarded with 15 more years which is confirmed by the Lord backing up time [the sun] 10 degrees.  See II Kings 20:1-11.  Now humble Hezekiah has become proud because of his success and riches so the Lord’s wrath came causing Hezekiah to repent.  God decides to test Hezekiah’s heart by sending envoys from Babylon to ask about the sign God had given him.  [The Babylonians were known astrologers and had probably observed and were puzzled by this strange phenomena.]   Hezekiah receives them and shows them all his riches.  Isaiah chastises him and prophesies Babylon will someday conquer Judah [see II Kings 20:12-20].  Hezekiah dies and his son, Manasseh, becomes king.


  1. As God’s people, God’s children, His Church, Christians, expect to be mocked and scorned by those who do not know God or believe in Him.  They may have success on earth but God is the final victor.  God will not be mocked  [Gal. 6:7].  In the end, God will not be mocked but will be glorified because of His great power.  Do not worry.  Do not become frustrated.  Trust Him.  Remember the great things He has done.  Trust Him today and everyday.  Trust Him always.  Only God has the power to deliver us from evil.  Trust Him.
  2. God answers our prayers, especially those expressing our total dependence on Him.  Pray often.  Pray with humility.  Pray asking for His deliverance and power.  Pray asking others to join you.  Pray alone.  Pray.  God answers the prayers of those who seek Him.  Pray.
  3. What we accomplish on earth during our last days becomes a lasting remembrance.  Do not give in to pride but remain humble, dependent, and faithful to God.
  4. Do not stop seeking the Lord because you have found favor with man.
  5. God blesses our faithfulness with additional days on earth [even though some of our days are very short].  Use them wisely, humbly, and for His glory.  Remember to always promote the Lords’ power and goodness instead of your[?] accomplishments.  Your[our] accomplishments are really the Lord’s accomplishments.  We are only His vessels. [see Phil.4:13; II Tim/ 2:19-21; I Cor. 1:31]

Trust the Lord in Prayer. 

Pray and Trust the Lord. 

Pray, Trust, Praise! 

Pray, Trust, Pray. 

Trust and Pray. 

Pray and Trust.

Pray; Trust.


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